How to Help Your Child Beat Plaque with Vithoba Rootfix toothpaste

Nowadays, children get to eat more candy, junk food and drink soft drinks that are harmful to the teeth. We can control the intake, but it’s hard to stop it fully. And we see that a lot of kids are having issues with their teeth. Oral health should start at a very early age so that we can have healthy teeth for a long time to come.

Dental treatment requires gum care, which we prefer to neglect these days, which is where the issue starts. We’ve got a tried and tested solution that’s very simple, handy and accessible almost everywhere. Vithoba Rootfix toothpaste is the solution, if you try it just once, you’d definitely know the difference between plaque-free teeth, the freshness of breath strengthened gums, which gives you a great feeling. With extended use, you will experience a lot more benefits. It’s available online and in almost every Indian grocery store.

Vithoba Rootfix toothpaste is very effective, including for normal gum problems in children such as irritated, painful gums, swollen gums. It’s essentially an Ayurvedic toothpaste made of herbs, so harmless and provides really good protection to your kids’ gums. Rootfix is mixed with pure and natural ayurvedic ingredients that are really healthy for your child’s oral health. You can help Your Child Beat Plaque by using it. Kindly massaging Root Fix on your child’s teeth and gums will provide a protective shield against germs and disease.

Vithoba Rootfix is created of several natural ingredients such as Neem, Bakul, Tomar, Chhoti Elaichi, Pipal, Dalchini, Clove Oils, Camphor, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Gandhpura in a toothpaste base. The unique components present in it, such as Neem, Bakul and Tomar, are acclaimed for the healing of the child’s cavity. Apart from cavities, these components also fix the issue of gum bleeding. Using this toothpaste to prevent your kid’s yellow teeth away. For proper oral hygiene, using Vithoba Rootfix twice a day with a proper toothbrush can keep all of your children away from dental issues such as plaque yellow teeth, tooth sensitivity and cavities.

Here are some benefits of using Vithoba Rootfix toothpaste:-

  • Remove Plaque 
  • Resist deterioration
  • Encourage remineralization (strengthening enamel that has been attacked by acids)
  • Purified and polished teeth
  • Remove The dirt from Teeth
  • Refresh the Breath

The best way to remove harmful plaque from children’s teeth and gums are to frequently and properly brush their teeth with vithoba rootfix toothpaste. 

Babies and children should get their teeth cleaned with toothpaste twice a day. Parents have to brush the teeth of babies and young children for them and oversee older children, pre-school children and school-aged children before they learn a good technique and you are sure they spit out the toothpaste. In fact, when they’re done brushing, children have to spit extra toothpaste into the sink as soon as they can. They still do not need a lot of fluoridated toothpaste as kids reach their teenage years. It will do with a thin ribbon over the head of the toothbrush.

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