How Vithoba products have become a part of your day to day life?

Vithoba industries started as an oral care brand in 2001. Our flagship product was the Dant Manjan. We have since expanded our offerings to toothpaste, hair oils, detergent powder and hand-wash as well. Headquartered in Nagpur, we are now present across Maharashtra and eight other states. We are also available on various online delivery platforms such as Amazon, BigBasket and Snapdeal. All this presence has helped Vithoba become the #1 brand for products related to Ayurvedic ingredients. 

We believe that Vithoba products are now a part of our customers’ day to day life. Once you start using natural, ayurvedic and herbal products, you will develop the habit of using them rather than the chemical-based ones. Daily essentials such as toothpaste, hand-wash, hair-oil and many more should be chemical-free and as natural as possible. Another aspect of our brand becoming a household name is our affordable range of products. We have manufactured all our products by keeping in mind our aim to serve all classes of this society. We understand that daily requirements should not take a hefty cut from your wallet. Vithoba Industries strives to serve this country with high-quality products and not focus purely on profits. We are determined to keep improving our range of solutions and ensure you get the best of our products. Due to these reasons, we have gained an extraordinary loyal customer base, who choose Vithoba for any product we release. Our customers know that Vithoba products represent quality and transparency. Our brand is recognised not only by years of successful products but also by our genuineness and trust.

We wish to serve our fellow countrymen with essentials manufactured from the natural ingredients coupled with the ancient science of Ayurveda.

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