How Vithoba started their Oral care journey?

Vithoba is a qualified brand with a complete range of oral and health care products. Envisioned and retained by Shende Family, Vithoba aims at simplifying the concept of oral health by the institution of herbal and natural products based on Ayurveda. Vithoba started its journey in the year of 2001, with its core product as Vithoba Ayurvedic Dant Manjan, with a focus on improving dental hygiene. It is a unique solution with a mixture of rare herbs that miraculously makes gums healthier and teeth whiter.
Consequently, with the idea of attaining overall wellness through oral health, the researchers at Vithoba came up with the entire oral health care range with Vithoba Ayurvedic Premium Toothpaste and Vithoba Rootfix. The Vithoba Toothpaste, abounding with clove, spearmint, and menthol, wards off oral problems like toothache, bleeding gums, and bad breath. It gives all-round protection against dental disorders like cavities and gingivitis. Vithoba Rootfix toothpaste is a specialized medicated paste to fight dentine, hypersensitivity, and pyorrhea.
The Vithoba products are formulated with the superior knowledge of Ayurveda, reclaiming the protection offered by our cultural roots. Vithoba has a firm belief that answers to all our health complications lie in the sanctum of Mother Nature. For a fruitful and prolonged life, we need to re-establish our relationship with our foundation and be conscious of our traditional ideologies. The fusion of indigenous herbology with modern-day technology gives rise to a phenomenal panacea. This notion has been instilled in each member of the Vithoba family who continuously works on developing new and innovative products for hygienic and wholesome life. The blessing of Ayurveda has the capability of providing a vigorous, robust, and thriving life; Vithoba has been consecrated with its benediction. It is our foremost responsibility to conserve the trust of our stakeholders and also align ourselves with nature’s mandates.

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