This Summer, Treat Your Hair With Our Hair Care Range

The summer sun is not only bad for your skin, but it’s also bad for your hair. Your shiny and healthy hair appears to look dull and damaged just a few days into the hotter part of the year. Summers, on the other hand, do not have to be related to bad hair days. You can secure your hair and keep it healthy this summer with a little extra carefulness. This summer, treat your hair with Vithoba’s haircare range.

Here are some tips that will help you to take care of your hair in summer:-

  • Shampoo and Conditioning:- Summertime brings with it a greater need to wash your hair every day. Although this can seem to be a beneficial option it is actually not helpful and may cause your scalp to dry out. If you’re one of those people who sweats the most on their scalp, which makes your hair greasy and sticky, look for shampoos that are mild in nature. Also, if you shampoo regularly, make sure you just use it on your scalp and not your hair. When you begin washing your hair, the suds will rinse out and clean your hair in any case. Another thing to remember is to never forget about your air conditioner. The scorching sun rays dry out the hair, and a conditioner will help to replenish some of the moisture.
  • Hair Oil Massage:- During the summer, treat your scalp to a Hair oil massage on a regular basis. It’s a perfect way to get rid of the dust and dirt that appears to settle on your scalp during the summer. Oil massages also improve the blood supply in your scalp and enhance the roots of your hair. After applying the oil, wait 30-45 minutes before rinsing it off. For healthy hair and Nourishing your hair, use Vithoba Ayurvedic Kesh Oil. It is the best hair oil for strong and growing hair.
  • Trimming:-Split ends are more likely to form in your hair during the summer season. Split ends and dry hair tips are not only unsightly but are also unhealthy for the hair. As a result, now might be an excellent time to get a haircut. The best part is that it not only gives your hair new life, but it also gives you a new look. If you don’t want to cut your hair short, you can opt for a trim that just eliminates the split ends.
  • Colour care:- Summertime necessitates extra caution for those with colored hair or those who have recently done so. Chemical color treatments can cause damage to your hair, resulting in extreme dryness or color fading. It is suggested that you use specialized hair products made especially for colored hair. Get a natural look with a lot of shine with Vithoba Keshratna natural Henna Based Hair Colour. It is best not to expose your hair to the sun, particularly during peak hours, if it has recently been colored. If you do go out, however, cover your hair with a scarf or a hat.

Don’t forget to look after your health when you’re taking care of your hair in the summer. To deal with the hot summer sun, remain hydrated and eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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